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Developing Team Performance

What is it?........

We deliver high performing team development under three headings

  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Team Building

We listen carefully to your needs and build with you the right programs that will ensure all your teams deliver high performance.

Using the Insights psychological profiling tools we create an individual Personal Profile, which is a written representation of that individual, which underpins our people and team development work and provides an excellent framework for individuals to improve their effectiveness. We explain the differences in the psychological types by describing them in simple terms of four colours. As a team they discover the attributes they each bring and by understanding these dynamics then explore how they can flex their natural styles to create greater team performance.

We also use a second evaluator for measuring team effectiveness. Each of the individuals evaluates the team against 16 critical success factors. This produces a team profile that shows how the team is performing against those critical success factors both currently and over a period of time. It can also be used to support the establishment of performance improvement plans and benchmark team performance against other teams.

Team building is the third development event that can be used following a team discovering their dynamics and effectiveness. An event can be developed either indoors or outdoors to create a change in teams. The events are designed to move a team from great performance to exceptional.

Who is this for?........

Newly formed teams.

Temporary or “satellite” teams for example specific project teams.

Teams with new members recently joining or new managers/leaders.

Existing teams where there is a new strategy/purpose or where there are clearly defined development needs.

Successful teams that have a need to “celebrate success” and learn from what has worked well and not so well in order to action plan their future strategy.

What are the benefits?........

A real shift from being a group of individuals into a high performing team that achieves all its objectives both faster and smarter.

Teams of exceptionally motivated and inspired people who all feel valued and have a clear understanding of the role they play in achieving high results.

Teams that achieve exceptional results both quicker and more efficiently.


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