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Consultative Selling and Customer Management

What is it?........

We listen carefully to your needs and build with you the right programs that will ensure all your teams deliver high performance in a consultative selling approach.

We will provide your people with the latest proven successful tools, techniques and skills that will change the way they interact with people. They will be able to build rapport quicker and more effectively enabling them to maintain sustainable long lasting commercial relationships with their clients and customers.

It will develop both their ability to ask the right high quality questions and also refine their active listening skills. They will understand the importance of exceptional planning and preparation as well as how to present a compelling memorable business proposal story that gets to “yes” quicker and smarter.

Who is this for?........

Individuals that are new to working within a sales team
Experienced sales people who have specific development needs and have to make a difference.

Anyone who is Customer/Client facing and needs to build long term commercial relationships to grow business.

What are the benefits?........

Exceptionally strong customer/client relationships

Greater and faster results achievement through meeting customer/client needs

Less risk of losing business to the competition


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