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Building a Coaching Culture

What is it?........

  • How would you currently describe the level of coaching within your business?
  • How would your people describe the existing level of coaching they receive?
  • What changes would you wish to implement now regarding coaching within your organisation?

These are some of the questions we would ask you to fully understand where your current needs are for developing a coaching culture. As you are now reading this we know that this is relevant for you.

We will consult with you on specifically what changes you want to occur within your business regarding your current coaching culture. It could be a program of events that is required or one to one coaching.

Who is this for?........

Any organisation that recognises the need to develop it’s coaching capability and culture.

What are the benefits?........

Your people feel valued, motivated and inspired in their working environment and achieve greater results.

Your organisation will retain more high quality people.


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