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Coaching Conversations

What is it?........

We listen carefully to your needs and build with you the right programs that will deliver high performance coaching through high performance coaches.

Interactive coaching workshops will provide a framework that enriches regular coaching conversations so driving individual and team performance as well as the performance of the overall business.

The workshop provides a safe environment giving your people the opportunity to practice both giving and receiving coaching against their identified personal strengths and development areas. The workshop takes the participant through a number of sessions over the two days that explain and bring to life the individual parts of the high performance coaching model.

Each of the interactive training sessions will bring to life the elements required to have effective and regular coaching interventions and conversations. Your people get the opportunity in each session to practice their learning’s. They will leave with an increased understanding of the Coaching framework that will build their coaching capabilities and confidence to drive both them and the businesses performance. Each individual over the two days will build a personal learning log.

Who is this for?........

Any individual, new or existing, who is a manager or leader of a team.

Individuals who wish to further develop their own coaching skills.

People who are potentially lines managers of the future.

What are the benefits?........

More confident, assured and motivated line managers and leaders

A framework that provides a more open and honest culture where people development is core to achieving results

Improved leadership skills ensuring greater results


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