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Personal Effectiveness

What is it?........

Insights into Personal Effectiveness

We are accredited facilitators of the Insights psychological profiling tools and as such provide participants with individual personal profiles that give them incredible insights and understanding of themselves, and others around them.

It provides them with knowledge of how their natural behavioural style can impact on others both positively and adversely. They can then recognise the gifts and attributes they bring to a team, as well as those others bring, thereby recognising positive differences in others. This knowledge allows them to communicate with others in ways they have never experienced before.

Who is this for?........

Anyone who is working on their current personal development.

Individuals or teams that are required to interact, persuade or influence others either internally or externally to the organisation.

Teams where performance improvement is centred on a need to communicate more effectively.

Individuals who have recently moved into a man management role or who are managers and require development of their leadership and coaching skills.

What are the benefits?........

Individuals and team’s rapidly improve their communication and rapport building skills and deliver exceptional results quicker.

Influencing skills are developed and personal goals achieved improving confidence and motivation across the organisation.


insights to personal effectiveness

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